Botox me?
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I have a wrinkle (or whatever this particular skin condition is called) that is very similar in position and depth to this one on Ethan Hawke (mine doesn't go up that high but curves a little bit at the top). I'm trying to educate myself a bit before I consult with a dermatologist so that I can be an informed patient. Does anyone know if this is treatable with Botox? Are there any other effective treatments?
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Your search term is glabellar line + botox.
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You might be interested in a filler, if it's not cause by furrowing your brow. Restylane, or some other such thing.
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I would also bet this is something that'd be handled with a Restylane filler injection.
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Also, depending on how awesome your insurance is, consider seeing a plastic surgeon. Not for surgery, but for the in-office filler/botox stuff. Nothing against dermatologists, but this is a purely cosmetic thing. A plastic surgeon is going to do a prettier job.
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Absolutely treatable with botox. My mom has this and botox helps considerably. It smoothes it a lot. You can also look up corrugator supercilli muscle and "11 lines".

The thing my mom tells me about 11 lines is that it might be better to treat with botox while you are young and before the furrow becomes too deep. If you wait until age 50 like she did they grow deeper with time and sometimes don't completely disappear with botox. She has always had botox to treat them and it looks great. She has only had filler there once.
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I've had success getting similar lines filled with Restylane. I went to a cosmetic surgery center at Lahey Hospital in Massachusetts, where I saw a board-certified plastic surgeon (but I didn't get plastic surgery).

I had no idea what I was asking for when I had my first appointment, but discovered quickly that a good cosmetic surgeon will work with you, explain your options (Botox, Restylane, etc.) and also discuss how long you can expect the results to last.

I was really hesitant about getting those little lines filled in around my mouth and nose, but once I had it done, I was delighted with the results and people thought I was smiling more brightly and I appeared happier. Nobody could tell I had work done (and the downtime was just a few hours of an ice pack on my face).
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I have the same wrinkle when I squint or frown. Botox works, the sooner you start the better.
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Work it. It looks sexy on Mr. Hawke there.
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