Skiing with 3-4 year olds near Boston, the impossible dream?
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So I have volunteered to coordinate getting a bunch of 3-4 year olds (ok, like 3 of them) to the slopes for a day trip/morning ski lesson, but not being a 3 year old, I don't know the best place to take them. I need a place that has group lessons that take 3 year olds (and that the 3 and 4 year olds can be together in a class) and that is near enough for a short day trip from Boston, MA. I could just search the web for all the mountains around, but I thought MeFites might know the better places to go. Thanks!
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Nashoba Valley in Westford MA is a little hill but they do give lessons for three year olds at least in organized classes. If you don't want to do a ton of driving, I'd look into it and give them a call and see if they do the sort of lessons you want.
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Wachusett is the closest decent sized mountain to Boston, about an hour or so away. Their web page says ages 4-12 but you might want to call them to discuss your situation.

There's the Blue Hills, which is right near Boston, but I don't know too much about it. Looks like they also start at ago 4.

Nashoba is another small ski area, a bit further out from the city. Age 4+

A long day trip from Boston will get you to several New Hampshire areas but you'll want an early start and the drive will be two hours or so, which might be a little much for that age group.
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Looks like Ward Hill in Shrewsbury offers private group lessons for 3 year olds. Not sure this is what you're looking for (I don't ski) but driving by, it looks like the kind of place my 3-year old wouldn't find intimidating.
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Bradford is about 45 minutes from boston and has a magic carpet for their kiddos learning to ski program. They have sessions ("Little B Ski") that start for 3 -4 yo kids.

Have fun!
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McIntyre is an hour away from Boston (located in Manchester, NH) and they have lessons for kids ages 3+.
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I second Nashoba! It's a great little hill and their instruction is great (I know several instructors personally over there).
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It looks like Nashoba, Bradford, and Wachusetts all start there group lessons at 4 unless you are signing up for a course of several lessons across a couple weeks (and all of those started weeks ago). I think I'm going to call up and see if we can get them to bend the rules, both 3 year olds are over 3.5 and both are big and physical for their age (the 4 year old, oddly, is the smallest of the bunch). McIntyre looks like at least the semi-private might work and that's not much more than the regular group.

Thanks everyone!
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