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The other members of a group activity I'm involved in are geographically spread out and we need an online space to store documents, contact details and a calender. Google groups isn't really going to cut it as there's no calender function and we're currently communicating via Facebook, which is limiting in terms of the document storage side. I could use a combination of dropbox/google calender/facebook but I'd like to keep to one single system if possible, particularly one that doesn't require people to set up additional accounts. Any recommendations?
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This is what I use Basecamp for (the new one.) It has all those features. The free trial is 60 days long; if you still needed it afterwards, it'd cost $20/month.
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I think I misunderstood what you meant by not setting up additional accounts. If you don't want to make any new accounts at all, try keeping the contacts in the Dropbox account. You won't easily be able to keep a calendar in there, but if you all use calendars attached to e-mail addresses (like Gmail-Google Calendar) you could agree to send each other event invitations.
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g+ communities with g+ events and g+ hangouts and g+ file sharing.
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how about it is wiki-based; the free version is very decent, I used it to manage three relatively large projects and never felt the need to upgrade to the paid one.
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Best answer: Contact details and calendar are pure Google. So's storing documents. Google+ / Google Calendar / Google Drive.
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Trello is pretty neat, and they will let you log in with your google account.
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As a free solution, I second empath -- the Community page of Google+ is very practical. You can open a closed community and then invite to your "community" the group members, where all can share links, documents and pics. It is then very easy to use google's other features.

If you have a few bucks to spend each month, you could open a google apps for business account, and all the things you mention are included -- shared google calendar, contacts, G+ and docs.
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Create a Google Apps account, tie it to a domain for your group. You'll have access to calendar, gmail, Drive (document editing/storage), chat, and video chat.

Alternatively, you can use all of these things via personal Google services: Hangouts for video chat, Drive for document sharing and storage, Calendar sharing, and Gmail.
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I do all those things within the Google suite.
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I have not used it, but I have heard a lot of good things about Wiggio lately. It seems to be the new hotness and goes a step beyond just using the Google Apps suite.

You have to set up accounts but I think you can log in with a Facebook userid if that's really repulsive to users for some reason. Honestly, any service is going to require you to set up some sort of account (even if it hides it by using an authentication provider, e.g. Facebook or Google single sign-in); that's not a realistic requirement.
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Response by poster: Thanks all for your answers, most helpful and have gone with Google drive/calender etc.

Kadin2048 For clarity, I was asking for services whereby users can use existing methods of identification, i.e. current email address/google/facebook/whatever, rather than having to set up brand new accounts.
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