How can I buy a copy of this Annigoni work?
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This picture is a framed clipping from a magazine that dates back more than 30 years. The original is by Pietro Annigoni, I believe. I am looking for a copy of the original that is better quality than a magazine clipping.

My dad, who cut it out of the magazine because it looks a bit like my mum, tells me that some of Annigoni's work was lost in a flood in Florence (possibly this one in 1966*) some time ago and this work may have been lost then. I'm trying to track down a decent copy of the original of this exact picture, with a view to purchasing it and giving it to my dad. I do not know its name, nor the details of the original.

I have looked extensively on the internet for the picture, but to no avail. I can find similar pictures by Annigoni, and have looked at the Museo Annigoni online. It is possible my google fu is not as strong as I hoped it was. Can anyone else find it and help make my dad's day?

My next step, if it can't be found, would be to contact the museum directly and ask them.

Bonus question: how do I write the email in Italian explaining my quandary?

*The magazine was possibly published after 1966.
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Best answer: I couldn't find it either (except for the image which is already in google from your question), but I can help with the bonus question. You don't need to write the letter in Italian. Most educated people in Italy speak English well enough to understand the kind of letter you will be writing, and i'm sure there will be at least a few people at the Museo who will speak it well. If you want to make it easy to understand, use words of latin rather than germanic origin when you have a choice.
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You might try places like Bridgeman Art, Art Resource, Getty Images, etc. which rep many museum collections. I deal with EU archives all the time, and I write emails in English, with a Google translate version as weel, but I apologize for using Google translate, and most everyone writes back in English.
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