How to create a simple review/rating website?
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I want to create an intra-company website for my co-workers to rate/review widgets. It will not be a commercial venture. Is there is a free or free-ish way to do this?

I intend to do this as a fun side project. In my mind, it is something similar to "rate my professors", but pre-populated with widgets/criteria to rate. Users will not have the ability to add widgets. They will only be able to search for an existing widget by name, and then rate it along 2-4 criteria. Nothing too complicated. I have some techie skills, but nothing advanced. Is it possible to do this easily/cheaply?
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Best answer: If you want the absolute easiest way to do this, I'd install Wordpress with the poll plugin. Or a voting plugin.
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Response by poster: Thanks, DarlingBri! Looking at it, I think I can manage what I want with a free blog and some plugins. Problem solved!
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Great! won't allow you to install plugins except polling, but that may work for you and if it doesn't. the basic idea holds for self-hosted WP.
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Response by poster: The free blogs have an option to rate individual posts. I think I can manage with that, since this is just a fun side project only.
posted by vidur at 10:51 PM on February 19, 2013

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