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Curious if anyone is/was from Microsoft, I had an employee based question.

How long does an employee review stay on file? My cousin worked there for over 7 years and the last review he got was pretty stellar, in 2011 August. After the layoffs in 2012 he is thinking of going back and wants to use that review as a leverage. Do you think his review would be on file now?
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I don't have an answer but if no one here can help, both LinkedIn and Quora may be great places to ask this kind of question.

Also, did your cousin stay in touch with any people currently employed by Microsoft? That would be another way to find out.
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I would guess they keep that stuff around at least until the statue of limitations on a wrongful termination charge runs out.
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My understanding is that records must persist for 7 years, but that could be in error. I'm a former FTE who managed, and we weren't ever told specifically during management training in the time I was there.

Hope you get a more satisfactory/official answer.
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I'm a current FTE. The HR page on rehire says "personnel records (such as reviews and review scores) generated prior to an employee's rehire date will remain a part of the employee's Microsoft record."
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My impression was that it basically stayed around forever, because people leave and come back all the time. But thats not based on like actual fact (I worked there for 5 years but left in 2008).

Best answer would be to call a recruiter or contact someone, maybe through MSA (Microsoft Alumni)?
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