How can I use 2 microphones with only 1 input?
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I use a wired lavalier mic that plugs into my camera with a mini-plug input. I'd like to use 2 mics for interviews - preferably on seperate channels. Is there a small box/mixer than can be the middleman between the mics and the camera? These aren't fancy XLR mics... they just have a basic mini-plug. Any help would be mucho appreciated!
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Like this?
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Ignore the info about an "iphone"; basically, this is just a 1/8'' dual microphone adapter. You can probably find one much cheaper than what is listed here as well.
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There's this; just make sure, if you have a stereo input on your camera, you get the "mono to stereo" adapter to put one mic on each channel. If you just get a generic 1/8" splitter, it might put both mics on both channels, which also negatively affects impedance and other things.
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I use an old version of one of these. Allows you to do some mixing which a straight splitter/adapter doesn't.
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Best answer: In addition, in the more prosumer non-XLR category, you can get something like what humboldt32 suggests that handles three 1/8" mic inputs and mixes to one out; it's about the size of a cassette tape and has a clip on the back to attach to your camera strap or the camera itself.
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Response by poster: Ah, thanks Azrael. That's exactly what I was looking for.
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