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I am looking to do volunteer work in New York and was hoping to do something that would engage me like teaching. This could include tutoring, GED classes, SAT classes, job hunting, etc. I have a BFA and an MBA so I think I could be fairly versatile. I am hoping for specific suggestions I could pursue. Thanks!
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New York Cares.
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I'm not clear if you want something engaging similar to teaching or just education volunteering suggestions...if it's the former, I'd recommend looking into the Taproot Foundation, especially since you have an MBA.
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Is there not an 826.org there?
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Yes we've got one, it's 826nyc (at the Superhero Supply Company).
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Yes, 826NYC is great! I have tutored there for a while; memail me if you want.
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In addition to needing teachers of various classes around the city, New York Cares also organizes an annual tax preparation program to train volunteers to help low-income people file their taxes. I looked into helping out with that one year and it sounded like a lot of fun if you find filing taxes fun (and I do). You're too late this year, I think, but keep it in mind for next year.
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I came into say New York Cares - there are lots of opportunities to teach / train on their website. Possibilities range from teaching kids to cook healthy meals and teaching seniors to use computers, to tutoring ESL students.
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