best places to visit in Spring on Long Island?
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We brooklynites want a long weekend getaway in early April. We're thinking Long Island, romantic bed-and-breakfasty but we have a couple of needs and hopes. Can you recommend any specific hotels or b&bs in specific towns that you enjoyed.

We are planning a romantic get-away thats not terribly far from home. We're not tied to Long Island, but the ideal would be small, touristy town on the water and away from city life. We're cost-conscious but have some wiggle room at about 200 per-night.

so this is what we *need*
-somewhat accessible by public transport (if we need to call a cab from the station, that's fine. Neither of us drive).
-accommodations within walking distance of simple attractions (walking trails, boardwalks, antiquing historic sites bike rental stuff like that.)

what we *want* but is optional
-maybe a near by hobby farm with tours or petting zoo
-good seafood restaurants
- natural sights, overlooks but with moderate to low impact hiking needed.
- beaches/waterfronts near by
-it would be just awesome if the room had a private jacuzzi

What we *don't want*
-cabins or camping. Nothing where you have to poop or shower outside.
-hardcore hiking locations. we wouldn't mind looking at a mountain- but we don't want to have to scale it.
-city stuff. We've very recently been to Atlanta, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Cincinnati and Louisville. We're looking for a little something less Urban.
- driving-only places. We can't rent a car. We can't drive.

thanks so much for any help.
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My husband and two friends and I had a blast at Asbury Park, NJ. We took the New Jersey train from Penn Station and then walked to our hotel from the station. We ate great soul food (I'm sure they also had good seafood, but that wasn't a priority with us), swam in the ocean, walked around the boardwalk, and visited a really cool bar with a doggy happy hour. The city itself is really cute, pedestrian-friendly, with cafes and bookstores. It was peaceful and fun, and we'll likely go again this summer.
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I would recommend Hudson, NY. It has much of what you want although no water nearby. Woodstock has an animal sanctuary - you can look into bus routes that would get you there and back. Hudson is a cute little town with nice dining.
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although no water nearby.

I meant beaches - there is of course the river.
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I like Hudson, but I also like the North Fork of Long Island. You can stay near Greenport and have that as your cute town on the water - you could also take the ferry from there to Shelter Island and walk around there.

No hobby farms, but there are a few working farms with animals out there - but you'd need to arrange transportation. Bikes might be an option?

April is very much the offseason out there so your budget should be fine. There are several Inns in the vicinity that would work. Personally I would do North Fork Table and Inn but car less transport there might be a hassle.
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Mystic, CT is on the Amtrak line about 2 hours from NYC and has pretty much everything you want.
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Fire Island (a barrier island off the south shore of Long Island) might be for you. Primary modes of transit include walking and biking. You get their by LIRR (from either Penn or Atlantic Terminal) and then take a taxi to a ferry terminal.

The beach is definitely nearby -- it's a barrier island! -- and there's miles of beach, some nude if that's your thing.

There's a bunch of places to eat.

You won't have to deal with cabins or outhouses. There are a bunch of normal hotels.

There's tons of farms in Suffolk, but I'm not sure of any near Fire Island that would be easy to get to.

There's no mountains to scale here, Long Island is flat.

(For something closer to home and easier to get to, though probably not what you're looking for for a vacation, there's Long Beach. It's easier to get to (40m express ride from Penn), bike rentals all over town, super walkable, you can get a beach pass with a LIRR pass, a bunch of locals do the Air BnB thing. However, we don't have a boardwalk -- Sandy ruined it -- and while it is being rebuilt, it may not be ready by Spring exactly. You're going to have the Sandy problem with anywhere on Long Island's south shore. But maybe you want a day trip to Long Beach, not a full vacation. Full disclosure: I live in Long Beach and think it's the best place in the world.)
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I suggest port Jefferson village. You can take the train from penn to Huntington then switch to port Jefferson branch to the end. Stay at danfords which is on the water. Port Jefferson village is on a harbor/bay there is a beach walk to the long island sound. Some great restaurants there. Ruvo rocks. you would take a cab from the train station to the hotel.

There is also a theater in the village. Also you have the ferry right there to conneticut.

Look it up its exactly what you are looking for.
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Greenport. Brunch at Noah's. There's B&Bs and old Victorians and you can do the vineyards (by bike, but I believe there's also cab like arrangements in town). Also, a good brewery in town and a nice walk-on ferry ride to Shelter Island. Also sunset cruises on the Mary Ellen.
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