Best floor seating?
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I have an apartment where adding in more seating is needed but I don't want another couch, but do want couch-density seating. I want something that makes sitting yoga-style on my hardwood floors more comfortable. What should I buy, and where should I buy it?
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Back Jacks!
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How do you envision the seating being used and by whom? Keep in mind that while floor seating may work for a couple of guys over to watch sports on tv, if a skirt-wearing female comes over for a cup of coffee, I'm not sure she's going to feel comfortable sitting on the floor.
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Floor cushions?
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Homemade floor cushions can be whatever you want them to be! There are a bunch on Etsy, and a Pinterest search may yield you some ideas as well.
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I've increased seating with a combo of floor cushions, some stools that can be used as seating or cocktail tables (they have coffee table books on them right now), and a couple of Moroccan poufs.
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Before we got a hand-me-down couch and still had bamboo matting in lieu of carpet, we used flat cushions (mostly from the thrift store) for temporary seating. Sometimes we even put down a yoga mat for extra padding.

I noticed that people who grew up in couch/chair-centric cultures (aka most Americans) really hated not having something to lean against and would eventually migrate toward the wall. Back Jacks look good, many Korean and Japanese houseware outlets will have something similar. We also used low beach chairs to good effect. I've been curious about the triangle pillows you sometimes see in Thai furnishing, but can't vouch for their comfyness.
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I find the Thai cushions mentioned by spanandkimchi extremely comfortable to sit on, but I've had no luck acquiring them in North America. If you / your friends are taller than about 5'10", though, you may not like them as much.
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A futon mattress with no frame, folded in thirds or flat as needed?
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