The Standard Hotel & Spa in Miami. Let's Talk Parking
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So I will be staying at The Standard Hotel in Miami next week. I will only be staying there on weeknights. From what I read on the internet, valet is $37 and takes sometimes an hour to retrieve your car. Thus I have several questions:

1. Have you stayed there and is this you experience?
2. Is it $37/day or every time you go in/out?
3. Some people say there is street metered parking, some say there is only local only parking around the Standard. Can you confirm? If it is meter could we park on the street overnight?
4. Other options include parking in a parking garage at 17th/alton. Is this a CRAZY walk at night? We won't be drunk but we are women who are from cities and can walk. It seems doable to me, but I don't know if it's pedestrian friendly.

Thanks for your help. I am pretty adept at finding info online, but a lot of this is sort of personal judgement/experience based and I'd love some input from some level headed mefites. If you have any other recommendations about the hotel or miami in general, I welcome it!
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Have you stayed there and is this you experience?

I stayed there and didn't have a car but others reported that waiting forever for valets to bring cars was a thing.
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Oh man. Yeah, this valet scene there is a nightmare. I hate it.

The small, tiny strip of parking right in front of the Standard is, I am 99%, zoned residential—I remember parking there and getting away with it once. (Also, it is TINY.) But! You are a small hop away from a big public parking lot and street parking, that is much nearer than the (fairly expensive!) garage at 1111 Lincoln Road.

See on Google Maps where the Gibb Memorial Park (I know) is, just back onto Miami Beach from the island with the Standard? That's a giant parking lot. (Sorry, I can't remember if overnight is restricted.) That is literally a two minute walk to the hotel. (And you'll feel safe; you just have to walk along that bridge without getting run over by bikes and cars.) Also, Purdy Ave., Bay Road, and the cross-streets (19th street and 20th street) in that zone are all metered parking and pretty easy. I can't remember the time limits and the overnight restrictions, sorry to say. (BUT: good to know, if your car gets towed, the tow lot is literally right there on Bay Road. Heh. *Knocks wood*)

If you do walk to 17th and Alton, the first time you do it you will feel sketched out. Then you will realize that you're just walking through a weird intersection or two with lots of traffic in a perfectly safe residential neighborhood. (Uh, "perfectly safe" by Miami standards. Which means, I guess, like, 30% chance of cat-calls from passing drivers, and a very, very low chance of like, getting stabbed.) Anyway, that stretch from Alton Road is nice, not scary—it's just not pedestrian-friendly.)

(Also be careful, because the drunk driving in Miami is out of contttrollll. The sober driving ain't great either.)

Comparatively speaking, I feel safer doing the walk from Alton Road to the Standard than I feel walking in the Loop at night, or the Lower East Side, or Silverlake. That is because everyone in Miami is too lazy to get out of their cars to attack you pretty much.

EXTRA PRO TIP: The garage on Alton Road just south of the movie theater (at Lincoln Road), and therefore south of the fancy garage at 1111 Lincoln Road, is much cheaper in general; not sure of their overnight rate.

Didn't realize I had so many feelings about this. That's weird of me. Please email or memail me if you have further questions, because somehow I know more.
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Ha I am so glad you had so many feelings about this! I thought someone would mock me for asking! :) This sort of thing is just so hard to suss out when you're not on the ground.

Yeah I am less worried about getting stabbed and more concerned that there is sidewalk or shoulder on that bridge.
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wait is gibb park named after the beegee? that is AMAZING.
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YES. It is totally, totally amazing that that park is named that. God bless.

There is a sidewalk-shoulder thing on the bridge. (The bridge is also, like, 25 feet.) I've walked and ridden it a ton, not menacing at all, though it's a fairly bustling bridge—that's the road out of town that is not a main highway, basically. (Warning: there's a toll (and a drawbridge!) on the far Miami side on that road, but it's still a decent way in and out of Miami proper.)

Also: you will want to drive yourself to the beach from the hotel. It's a schlep from the Standard. The good news is that street parking is not terrible for going to the beach, although it's busy, and don't even try to drive on Ocean Drive. I've never had a problem parking on Collins or Washington between 12th Street and 16th Street; just do a little circling, you'll get it.

Two other pro tips for beach-going: there's a fabulous beach at the top of Bal Harbour, if you go allllll the way up, and then pull right just before going up over the big bridge at the top of Bal Harbour, and you can park under the bridge. (Map.) That beach is cool, it's protected by a little breakwater. ALSO, if you go OVER that bridge, and go all the way to the top of Haulover Beach, that's where the official and legal nude beach is.

On the opposite side, the beach all the way at the foot of Miami Beach is also pretty great. Go all the way to the foot of Alton, where it turns/dead-ends, then park as close to the beach as you can get. South Pointe Park is pretty cool down there and then the beach that's runs from 1st street on down is very nice.

Also if you like such things, the Shops at Bal Harbour is apparently the U.S.'s most expensive retail mall in sales per square foot. It's hysterical; it's all like Graf and Gucci and Loro Piana and whatnot. (And has a very good Japanese restaurant.)

If you have the time and the inclination and want to take a big drive and get in a boat, and you probably don't, the greatest thing to do in the Miami area is go to Pennekamp State Park and rent one of their little boats and go out skin diving on the reef. It's fun and scary! And like, they give you a boat with a compass and a map and are like, "GOOD LUCK." Really amazing.
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Do you have to have a car?

If you're getting from the airport to Miami Beach, you can take the Airport Flyer to the beach, and then cab it to the hotel.

Another option is to park the car at the Lincoln Rd garage (super plush and in a great location), and use cabs and busses until it's time to get the car again.

Miami Beach is just one of those places where a car is a liability.
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You really don't need a car on Miami Beach. Lot's of cabs and lot's of buses. And much of the interesting stuff is all walkable. Half of the appeal of the area is the people anyways.
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we will have a car (we are driving to/from miami, not flying in) and i am considering just ditching it in a parking garage most of the time....hence the need for a garage either way.

I personally can't even drive a car, so there's no need to convince me cars in a city are a cluster! :)
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