Novels about model trains destroying the world
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A friend has bet me that there are no novels in which model trains or model railway enthusiasts are portrayed as villains or otherwise threaten humanity. Is this true?

I know this is a hard call, but if anyone can do it, it's you guys! And you were so awesome with your book recommendations in my last question. (I am LOVING Connie Willis).
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No, it is not true. One of the villains in Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff is a model train enthusiast, works at a model train store, and builds surreal bombs which he plans to use to kill a bunch of children just to show he's evil.
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Since you've got a novel, I'll throw in a short story as a bonus: Philip K. Dick's "Small Town".
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Well, perhaps not exactly what you're looking for, but there is this . . . .
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Check stories featuring the Superman villain The Toyman and the Batman version who used remote controlled toys in the episode with The Grey Ghost.
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John and Anthony in For Better or For Worse are clearly evil.
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Frank, in Vonnegut's novel Cat's Cradle, is a model train enthusiast who plays a pivotal role in the destruction of the world. He's not exactly evil, though.
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The dodgy owners of a model village, including railway, plot to steal the Borrower family that has moved into Mr. Pott's competing model village in The Borrowers Aloft.
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Lex Luthor in Superman Returns (if novelized adaptations of movies count towards your question). Here is a clip from the movie.
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Sopranos' Bobby Baccalieri gets whacked in a model train shop. He had a sweet setup at home.
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It's not a novel, but in the Canadian television show Trailer Park Boys the protagonists steal a model train & railroad from Patrick Swayze and use it to transport drugs over the border.
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You guys are AMAZING. Since he specified "novel", I am best-answering those (plus the short story, because I count that as close enough.)

I'm going to start tracking down copies of all of those now and mail them to him in a big parcel.
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Not a novel, but a classic. And again more recently.
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Also not a novel, but seen on the blue: every Michael Bay movie is a story about a model train enthusiast threatening humanity.
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Glad someone else has read the weird and enjoyable Bad Monkeys! I also wanted to add the big WELL DUH for most-published evil train: Blaine the Mono in Stephen King's Dark Tower series. If that isn't an evil choo-choo, I don't know what is. (Arguably, Blaine is larger than HO scale but from the text he seems to be of the scale kids would ride in a park i.e. not a full-size train).
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