What are the most popular travel guidebooks/websites around the world
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I'm trying to find out the most popular guides to NYC (in particular) that people around the world use. In the US, this would include guidebooks like Frommer's or Fodor's. People can also check a site like tripadvisor to find hotel or attraction recommendations. What books or sites would people in Germany, France, Italy, China, India, and countries all around the world use?
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The French would use either the Guide Vert (Michelin) or Guide du Routard.
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Eyewitness Guides were the most popular among everyone when I was in Europe; they're published in a bunch of different languages.
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Perhaps Lonely Planet? They are billed as the "largest travel guilde book publisher in the world."
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In Australia it is absolutely Lonely Planet.
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One of the classic travel guide publisher in Germany is Baedeker, so Baedeker Reiseführer New York. There also is a German edition of Lonely Planet Reiseführer New York, and Marco Polo Reiseführer New York if you want a book that fits into your purse.
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I've seen a lot of Lonely Planet guides in locals' homes in France and the Netherlands, probably also in Germany.
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In the UK, definitely Lonely Planet, and also Rough Guides somewhat, along with the UK version of Trip Advisor
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For the Japanese probably Chikyu no arukikata (地球の歩き方).
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I live in one of the world's most touristy cities (Paris) and make a bit of a pasttime of checking out who uses what books. So at least in Paris, I add/second
- the Italians use a lot of Lonely Planet
- the Russians use a lot of Lonely Planet
- the Japanese use Chikyu no arukikata, as well as the magazine-sized ones with lots of pictures whose names I am blanking on (Appuru might be one)
- the French are still using Routard
- the Germans definitely use Marco Polo
- the Americans are using Rick Steve's
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