Open Facebook share links to iOS app from email?
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Work has had me start building responsive html emails to send to our member list with Facebook share links inside. I know you can open links to iOS native apps from emails and websites within the iOS environment, but is it possible to have those "share to your wall" links work correctly? I've googled around a bit, but not having any luck finding a clear answer.
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Nope. Javascript generally can not be run in any html email client - so the share links won't work.

Many of the html email providers offer tips and other ways around it, but when it comes to using the exact button with Facebook's code, you are out of luck.
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I'm unclear what your desired behavior is.

1. Click the link and it opens the Facebook app to a share screen w/ URL pre-filled.

2. Click the link and it pops up the Share info inline, in the email.

3. Click the link and it opens a Safari window w/ to a share screen w/ URL pre-filled.
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Response by poster: @wemayfreeze, either #1 or #3 would be acceptable.
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On the Facebook Feed Dialog page under Direct URL Example there's a way to pull up a stand-alone page that allows you to post to your wall. No JS required.

Will that work?
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