Help me identify this comedian.
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In the 90s there was a comedian, or at least a comedy show host, on Comedy Central, who always wore a knit cap. He was very deadpan and may have shared shows with Dave Attell. I could have sworn he was also a guest on Dr. Katz, but he doesn't appear in the cast list. Slim man, white, with an angular face. I can't find him in any lists of U.S. standups or Comedy Central specials. Who was this guy?!
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Barry Sobel?
posted by carsonb at 10:55 AM on February 18, 2013

Do you remember any of his jokes? I'm sort of a standup nerd, and he isn't ringing any bells on description of appearance alone.
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Fred Stoller?
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This list looks extensive and may provide some clues--have you checked it out already?
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Steven Wright?
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It wasn't Emo Philips was it? I don't remember him wearing a hat (his hair was pretty much a part of his act), but he is pretty darn angular and kind of weirdly deadpan. I'm almost positive he was on Dr. Katz multiple times.
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It could be Emo Phillips. He tried to sort of reinvent himself in the late 90's, and I vaguely remember him being on Dr. Katz. I think the knit cap may have been part of an attempt to fit more snugly into the "alternative comedian" mold?
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I was just coming in here to post Barry Sobel myself.
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Are you thinking of Mitch Hedberg? I misremembered him wearing a hat since he'd have his hair in his face with sunglasses.
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Jake Johannsen is reasonably deadpan, was pretty angular in the 90s, and appeared on Dr. Katz. Don't recall a hat on him, but my knowledge of him is not exhaustive.
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How about Todd Barry, who was pretty popular in the 90's, is completely deadpan and could be mistaken for always wearing a skull cap?
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It's Barry Sobel! I guess he was only on Dr. Katz once so didn't merit an Imdb mention. Thanks!
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