Is there something like a MiFi that will accept a SIM?
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I'm looking for something like a MiFi that will accept a SIM.

This would be handy when I travel, so that I can purchase a local unlimited SIM card and not rely on my mobile phone for internet access because our carriers charge an exorbitant fee for out of the country data. Any suggestions?
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Any cheap unlocked phone that can run Android 2.3 or above. I bought a Huawei U8180 about a year ago for ~$50 to do exactly this.
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All MiFis do - that's what they are :)
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Must it be a MiFi? A USB modem will be much cheaper, easier to obtain and will be lighter.
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To rephrase what I think devnull is saying, you can absolutely get a MiFi - an actual MiFi device - with a SIM card slot that is compatible with a variety of carriers. (Not all of them have a SIM card slot, so you have to be careful to get the right model, but many are designed for international use in the way you describe.) Look for an "unlocked GSM" unit. This model would be the classic, MiFI-branded choice, but there are many more out there.
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Thanks @devnull and @I EAT TAPAS, I'll revisit this again!

@yoyo_nyc, wouldn't this require another device (like a router) to plug the modem into?
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I, maybe wrongly, assumed that you want to go online with a laptop. A USB Modem would be just plug n play with a local SIM card.

Your phone would not work with it, at least not in a simple way.

Again, you just could buy a local SIM card for your phone and have a number from your country (US, UK etc.) forwarded to your current number.
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Is there a reason people are ignoring my suggestion? It doesn't have any of the issues a USB modem has and, last I checked, is significantly cheaper than buying a MiFi.
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