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Where can I get live news feeds online (CNN, MSNBC, etc.)? I'm not in the US now and don't have cable TV, so the internet is my only way to get news. I want to get more NOLA coverage.
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The local station WWL is still running live feeds, though not 24 hours.

Also - both CNN and MSNBC have excellent video coverage available free on their websites - not live, but in two minute spurts of stories. MSNBC is updated to this evening, and has a lot of good coverage. I believe they may have been the people to break the convention centre story (Tony Zumbado was one of the first reporters there - it seems like most of the authorities weren't really aware of the situation). But I was watching CNN too, so can't quite remember which station.

I've been watching on the internet too.
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The best way to follow the news stories is through ( RSS ). There is a program call FeedDemon (cost $29.99) that scans each of the major news sites and actually brings the stories directly to you. You can also add any additional sites you would like to track. Therefore, instead of you opening numerous sites, you open FeedDemon and the stories are already captured for your viewing. You become well informed with all the major stories very quickly.

I hope this suggestion helps.
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Uhh..I do that for free with Firefox, Google and a multitude of other cost free RSS solutions.
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Thanks for asking this zardoz - I'd been wondering myself and it's a tough google at first glance. The direct feed (I'm pretty sure this is the same webcast mentioned above) is WDSU. But yeah, it's kind of annoying that it isn't 24/7, although it was for the first 2 days. I think it restarted at 530am on friday (NOLA time) but I'm not sure about saturday.
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If you want the real story on what's going on in NOLA, forget the mainstream media. Watch the live transcripts of national guard and other agencies on IRC.

Click here.

It's sobering.
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Are there URLs where I could hear audio from the scanners?
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To answer my own question: Google! This online sources say it's New Orleans, but I can't tell where it is. It shows in XMMS as "LSP (Baton Rouge)" which I take to be Louisiana State Police in Baton Rouge. MP3 format.

And I just found this.

Are there any working sites I haven't found yet? Maybe that aren't on Wiki?
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So the WWL (same as WDSU I think) webcast resumes at 8am saturday - about 5hrs 25mins from now.
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Go to and search "scanner" and there's a bunch of NOLA and related scanners at the top of the search results right now. But it's usually pretty boring.
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