how to find a user for that place ?
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My mother still owns that building in a village, south of France.

She inherited it from her father, who was a flour miller. She turned the first three floors into flats, which are rented now. But the mortgage is still very difficult to pay, and I'm still looking for an idea to turn the fourth floor into a source of income.

The place is more than 100 sq. meters, with no walls. The ceiling is quite high (actually, it's the roof). It is connected to electricity, to water, it can be connected to the internet. It can access directly to a concrete tower silo that's inside the building (which goes to street level) to store things or to turn it into something else... I don't know what....

The question is : who can use this place, could get interested in that place, since it isn't easily accessible. The sight from its windows is great (rural area) and I know that someone working there could get a kick out of it - my grandfather did.

Where could I advertise it ?

Thanks for your ideas !
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Artist's studio?
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The artistic scene doesn't really thrive at the moment, but you're right, it could be the right place to work on a craft. The village is a rural one, near Albi, in the south of France. A real quiet place, a place to go to find quietness. My mother also owns a house and some flats, so I think someone could even think about moving there...
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Maybe offer it as a space that could be used by physical activity instructors? For quiet activities like yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong... People doing those sorts of activities usually love to have natural views, and a big windowed loft space like that would be perfect. Our Tai Chi instructor occasionally holds retreats; it could also be rented out on a short-term basis for those.

Un gymnase, mais pour les activités physiques méditatives, qui ont tendance à attirer les gens qui apprécient la nature, quoi - ça commence à devenir de plus en plus à la mode, même dans le sud. Je suis étonnée de voir le nombre de cours de yoga, de Tai Chi et de Qi Gong qui commencent à foisonner ici à Nice, ville qui auparavant était plutôt renommée pour ses hôtels et ses riches que ses gyms et la méditation...!
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Sorry, just now noticed "where could I advertise it" - les magasins bio !! Seriously, they're like magnets for nature-lovers :) The two I frequent in Nice always have petites annonces for that sort of thing.
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