Paranormal documentaries
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I grew up watching Leonard Nimoy's In Search Of... and later, Ancient Mysteries. I recently watched Chariot of the Gods? on Netflix. I also enjoyed the similarly styled promo videos for the new Bioshock game (part I, part II). What else would I enjoy?

It's hard to pin-point exactly why I find these so compelling. I don't really care if they're particularly persuasive or even wholly fiction, as the Bioshock videos are. I guess I'd say I like the subject matter, the music and voiceover work, and the tingling "but what if?" feel these give me. One more tangentially-related thing I liked was Portal 2, which captured the pseudoscience feel.
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Ancient Aliens.
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e.g., in timely fashion, 'The Great Siberian Explosion'.
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The Hellstrom Chronicle

The science is more-or-less accurate, but listen to Dr. Nils Hellstrom give his speech near the beginning of the movie and tell me that's not what you want.
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I grew up with those, too, and still love stuff like that! There are many Noah's Ark documentaries out there, but one I remember seeing in the theatre at the time is In Search of Noah's Ark.
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Absolutely watch Ancient Aliens, but be wary of the fourth season because it sort of sucks. Also avoid Ancient X-Files because it is dumb as hell despite sharing a name.

You'd probably enjoy Mysterious Universe, too.
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The Pyramid Code is pretty good.
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