Which is the best website to purchase a new phone battery from?
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I have a Orange San Francisco smartphone. It's also sold as the ZTE Blade. I'd like a new, more powerful battery for it. Where is the best place to purchase one from? I can find lots of sites selling them, but I'm having difficulty picking out the non-sketchy one(s) from the sketchy ones.
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I'm with bobdaw on this one. 99% of the "cell phone accessory" shops online are selling the same batteries from the same 2 or 3 suppliers (look at part numbers listed in product descriptions!) and most of the shops are drop-shippers anyway. The difference between a "sketchy" and "non-sketchy" drop shipper is usually just web design.

Just pick a battery shop that sells through eBay or Amazon, so that you don't have to give them your credit card number directly, and you'll have some sort of structured customer complaint options if the battery is junk. eBay, especially, will have cheap prices for phone/camera/laptop/etc. batteries, if you've got the patience to wait for shipping from Hong Kong.
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