PowerPC G4 OSX-native kids games
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What are the available OSX native educational kids games that will run on an iMac G4 (I have the 400mhz one)? I bought the Jumpstart games off ebay, but those seem to be ClassicOS games that they just slapped a wrapper on, and as such they don't work very well. 640x480 in a tiny window not-well, for instance.

The kids are 6 and 3, but I'm fine giving them high-school age games if that is what is available. The 6 year old can read, so the sky is the limit. Thanks!
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A couple suggestions to find titles which should run on your older mac:
  • apple.com/games circa 2002 (via archive.org)
  • Inside Mac Games has reviews going back to 2000.
  • MacRumors has a list big name games which were universal binaries (PowerPC & Intel) most of which should run on your G4 (depending on your graphics card).

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Macintosh Garden, PowerPC LIberation, etc. Search for "powerpc mac abandonware"
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Sim City
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What version of OS X?
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yeah, I know, it's not really educational...
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