I'd like advice on where to post my resume, SF legal tech.
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I'm in the Bay Area legal tech field. I'd like a job in SF proper, as my commute to Mountain View is brutal. My skills are legal tech, meaning mostly managing projects and programs related to the legal field in the tech industry. However, I feel that I have management chops for any industry, and I've worked in the start-up atmosphere before. Where should I post my resume? My LinkedIn is beefy, I've posted on Monster and Indeed. Any other ideas?
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Are you on dice.com, it's the main technology job site.
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I used to have my resume posted on Careerbuilder, and all it did was create a lot of junk mail - either "suggested jobs" or fake "this company is interested in you" that were really just suggested jobs. I can't imagine that Monster or Indeed will be much better. I know Dice is more "legit" than some of the other sites, but I don't know anything about posting on there.

I think you need to actively reach out and apply directly, and possibly enlist some recruiting agencies. Betts Recruiting focuses only on startups if that interests you.
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