Delicious DC dining with desserts; difficulty: Sunday night.
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DC/Northern Virginia experts: The other half and I have our first kid-free date night since, uh...too long. We're flexibile on dining options but I would like to find an awesome dessert place. We wouldn't mind driving someplace separate after dinner. The wrinkle is that this is for Sunday night (with a late start due to babysitting scheduling), and we'd like to avoid cupcakes. Hope us?
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Open City?
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How are you on pie? Specifically, Dangerously Delicious Pies? (Highly recommended.)

There are a number of great restaurants on H Street that you could go to before-- like Smith Commons, Boundary Road, Ethiopic, Atlas Room, Liberty Tree etc.

If you're not into H Street or pie, Serendipity 3 (warning, horribly ugly website) in Georgetown is the DC offshoot of the famous NY location.

Also, if your date wasn't on a Sunday, I'd recommend Co Co Sala but they are only open for brunch that day.
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The olive oil and grapefruit ice cream at Jaleo is the best dessert I've had in a very long time, and the rest of the menu is pretty fantastic, too. A second vote for Dangerously Delicious Pies, and Atlas Room and Ethiopic are wonderful if you're hitting that area.
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You may find some good ideas on Chow
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The cafe at the back of Kramerbooks has yum desserts. If the cafe hours mirror the bookstore hours, then they are open until 1am on Sunday.
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Kafe Leopold in Georgetown has both great food and delicious deserts.
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Kramerbooks is the go-to for dessert in my, uhm, book.

I've always found Open City to be overhyped and not as good as the Tryst or the Diner. Shrug.

Founding Farmers is another one of those places that seems to live up to the hype consistently, in my opinion. Check on reservations even on a Sunday, though.
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I love both dinner and desserts at Dino in Cleveland Park. The desserts at Rasika are delicious, too, if you like Indian food. Dinner and dessert at Majestic was really good, too (we had the prix fixe, they give you SO much food!).
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Flamingo: "How are you on pie? Specifically, Dangerously Delicious Pies? (Highly recommended.) "

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Dangerously Delicious Pies did what it said on the box. It was awesome, thanks!

I was a bit scared by the "we close when we run out of pies" line on the website, but it looked to be a full selection when we showed up at 9pm on Sunday.

We also happened to walk by CoCo Sala on Saturday night and drooled outside the window. Hopefully, next time (not on a Sunday)...
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