Have you ever tried Sophrology? Was it useful?
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What can you tell me about sophrology?

The university I go to is offering a course on Sophrology, which from what I understand is a technique involving mental and physical exercises that help you to become more relaxed and focused. I could totally use something that would make me feel both those things, but I had never heard of sophrology before it was advertised on the website. So . . . Anyone here have any experience with this method? What exactly does it consist of, how often do you do it, how did you find out about it . . . ? Thanks for any feedback!
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According to wikipedia, sophrology is not much different from hypnosis (which I have tried.)
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I have not tried Sophrology, but I know someone who does. It sounds a lot like hypnosis-induced meditation. Meditation for people who don't want to go through the effort to meditate, if you will.

It's my opinion that you could find a better use of your time than this class.
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I'd never heard of sophrology either until I moved to my current location (somewhere in W. Europe). It seems a fairly popular alt treatment here, actually there's a sophrologist in my building. I've met a few people who've done it and yes, it sounds a bit like hypnosis, apparently you learn calming exercises. One of them said it did nothing for her or her mother. Personally I think it's probably BS and would stick to good old-fashioned meditation.
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My gym in France offers it (the philosophy is mostly practiced in Francophone countries) and we laid on the floor for an hour and visualized stuff. It was calm, and relaxing, as can anytime spent in a quiet room, lying down, and thinking about not much at all. The course is offered once a week (at this location, so the regulars go once a week) for 60 minutes at a time, the group is about 10 people, and drop-ins like me are welcome. We did nothing more physical than breathing.

Sophrology was much MUCH MUCH less culty than the Art of Living hooey that was offered through my university, which I would emphatically un-recommend.

I do not regularly do meditation of any sort.
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