Waterproofing a hand shower mounted on a bath enclosure?
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I'm renovating my bathroom, and want a hand shower mounted in the tile of the batch enclosure, on a hose, like in this image. But it seems like water can get into the hose hole and then collect under the bath. There will be a shower over the bath, although at the other end of the bath to the handheld. My plumber is a bit worried about how to waterproof it. How are these type of retractable hand showers normally waterproofed?
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You also can't clean inside the enclosure... what about using a bath/shower mixer tap instead? Or do it completely separately.
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Wouldn't it be the same as the spray thing in your sink? Unless you are fully immersing the hose right before you put it back, I don't think it's going to be more than a couple of drops of water.
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Because it's a handheld shower head, you just point it where you want the water to go. You'll get used to pointing it away from things that you don't want to get wet.

Having said that, I've mostly seen retractable shower hoses mounted high up on a wall.
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My whirlpool tub has a little access panel so you can easily get to the mechanicals. Can you install something similar with a little waterproof tray under the hose hole so that you could empty it on a regular basis?
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