Is it possible to record Skype calls?
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I would like to know which program is a really good one to record Skype calls. I have tried some but not sure which one to purchase. Maybe you could recommend a free one.
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Best answer: Not free, but I use Call Recorder for Skype on my Mac. It works great, and is only $20 for the full version.
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I would use Audio hijack pro (once again, Mac)
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I've used both Call Recorder and Audio Hijack. Call Recorder is great because it will let you separate out the two parts of the call later (if you're using the recording to make a radio piece, for instance). Audio Hijack is cool because it will record any sound that passes through your computer, so you can use it to "tape" music off streams as well as recording calls.
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I use Audacity, a free audio editor and recorder.
Just set the input to your speakers and it will record the audio :)
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I bought Audio Hijack Pro to record Skype interviews — unless I'm misstaken you can route the two callers to separate tracks, so Call recorder would be redundant if that is its only use.
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I use Pamela. It costs something like $20 and is a nice piece of software. I've used it for years to conduct hour long interviews for research projects with no complaints.
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We use Call Recorder to record the MetaFilter podcasts and it's great. Easy to operate, does what it says it's doing, easy to split out sides of a conversation.
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This has been working well for me, on Windows, for calls that have lasted up to 45 minutes. Free. I'm an Audacity user, but haven't been able to make the trick krisb describes above work -- but that's probably more me than the software.
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I use Call Graph. It's free. Works great.
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Response by poster: Thanks for recommendations, guys!
I found an asnwer on some forum and tried another program. It is working so far.
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