Piercing. Chicago.
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What places in Chicago do ear and/or body piercing? The list I get from Google is all in the suburbs. Surely there's someplace to go in the city proper.
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I don't know about Chicago, but there was a time when the city of New Orleans outlawed tattooing in the city limits, that's why you saw gobs of studios just inside Metarie. Maybe Chicago has a similar deal with piercing?
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No, lots of places do piercing in chicago, I know Jade Dragon Tattoo does (not that I'm endorsing them, at all). The best bet is to call a couple of tattoo places that don't do piercings, and ask them who they recommend.
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That'd be a big no for Jade Dragon.

Back in the day Body Basics in Lakeview was the place to go, but I heard recently they may have closed.

I've heard good things from several friends about, but never used personally, TatuTatoo.
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This should help:

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Friends have gotted pierced (and I watched) at Tomato Tattoo on Chicago and they were *excellent*. Scott at the Alley is very professional and good if you don't mind giving the Alley your money. I know people who really like Chicago Tattoo on Belmont/Clark, but they're moving, or have moved, down the street and I'm not sure if they're open at the moment. I've only heard bad things about Jade Dragon from those who have gone there.
I've gotten all of my many peircings done back home in Michigan, because I love my guys there and the prices beat anything in Chicago by a long run, but if I were going to get something done soon, I would probably go to Tomato.
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Flaming Bore, Body Basics closed about 5 years ago. They were the BEST. Pere was the only one in the city I would want near me with a needle; unfortunately they closed before I ever got the chance to go to him.
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Wow, they must have closed right after I left. Too bad. Supposedly one of Pere's proteges has set up shop here in Albuquerque. I should really find out where.
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Tattoo Factory does piercings, as does Chicago Tattoo Co.. Can't vouch for either one (I'm not pierced) but they've both been in business for decades, and that says something. (Found by searching "tattoo chicago," by the way.)
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Does the BME ezine not have listings and reviews? Hmm, there's this but the only thing I see for Chicago is this place. Their regional link listing for North America comes up with this piddly list for Illinois but that's tattoo parlors. When I lived in FL it was rare for a place to do tats and not piercings but perhaps those are different.
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If you want to get a shop recommendation, post in rec.arts.bodyart (Google Groups here). The FAQ is very much out of date but there are still plenty of currents posts in the group. Good luck.
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I'll vouch for Scott at The Alley.
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