Well-made walking shoes with repairable soles?
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Well-made walking shoes with repairable soles? This is kind of in line with cooking with cast iron, shaving with a straight razor, etc. I want well made comfortable walking shoes that will last for a decade with some upkeep and repair. I'm looking to make an investment in some shoes that I can walk in all day that also look like normal shoes. Black/brown leather, no loud branding or insignias. I have Keen shoes similar to these & love them, but Keen doesn't repair soles as I'm led to understand. Are we now in a world where good walking shoes can't be repaired, is this a fool's errand? Not looking to exceed a couple hundred. Go!
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I have a pair of Born shoes that I adore. I've had them resoled and re-heeled.

You have to try on each pair because size and fit varies from shoe to shoe.
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Naot or Clark's are good bets -- I've taken shoes from both brands to my cobbler with great success.
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Alden shoes are awesome and they will resole/restore them to like new state when they eventually do wear out (eventually).
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The answer is Fluevog.
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Many Fluevogs can be resoled.
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Nth-ing Fluevog!!
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Mephisto makes a re-soleable walking shoe.
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Russell Moccasin Company
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Allen Edmonds. A little cheaper than Alden but just as good in my opinion. Still expensive however, still made in the US.
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I tend to say fools errand, unless you specifically want heirloom shoes for some reason. The reason is there are all kinds of very comfortable, long lasting, well made casual shoes that are available very inexpensively. So inexpensively, they're not worth resoling.
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The Limmer Boot Company makes walking Oxfords with their traditional handmade hiking-boot construction. They're made to be repeatedly resolable and repairable.
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I was in the Fluevog store in Toronto, and they have walking shoes with repairable soles and they also have the soles for sale and a shoe-repair person to refer you to when you need it. I was impressed by the quality of the shoes.

Unfortunately for me, none of the shoes were the plain black that I was looking for (there were nice dark red ones, but the black ones had white detailing). I ended up with a pair of Doc Martens and I love them, but even though the soles are welted (and thus replaceable) I don't know where I'll be able to find Doc Marten soles for sale should I need them.
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Y'all have been quite rad. Thanks. I'm going to check our Fluevog. As there is a store here in Seattle. Viva the hive mind!
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