Changes in Google Hangout Chat Window
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I want to know why in Google Hangout it no longer says "Theirname is typing..." when the other person in the hangout is typing in the chat window (or "Theirname has entered text" when they've written something but haven't sent it). It's gone, and I miss it and want an explanation so I can move on with my life.

It's the equivalent of how iMessage gives you the ellipses bubble when the other person is typing. And I love me some ellipses bubble action...and now it seems that I'm sadly dependent on it.

So why does it no longer tell me when my hangout buddy is typing to me?!

This may be a waste of an ask, but it's been bothering me and I can't find an answer anywhere out there as to why it's disappeared without a warning and without a trace in the last week.

Please hope me.
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Are either of you set to not visible?
posted by humph at 10:33 AM on February 14, 2013

I assume you're asking if we're set to not visible in gchat? I don't see a way of changing the settings in the actual hangout. And yes, we are both visible.
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Is this happening globally or with one specific user? I remember being able to change my settings so that the person I was chatting with couldn't see that.
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According to a thread on the Google Chat product forums, this was a semi-system wide bug and has been resolved. If you're still having the same issue (after logging out and back in again) you may want to add your case to the thread:!msg/chat/BP8SXQJ8mfA/f2vHRDS-nr8J
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