Books for the Divorced / Divorcing Man
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So my divorce took a crazy turn for the worst and all hope of reconciliation has flown out the window. Can anyone recommend books for a man in his late 30s / early 40s going through and recovering from a divorce? Any books for either dealing with the divorce itself or dealing with life after and re-entry to dating world would be great.
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I found this book helpful when I was going through my divorce.
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Here are my recommendations:

When Things Fall Apart - to help gain perspective and focus your energy on your self and your own emotional state.
Crucial Conversations - to give you the tools you might need when faced with any confrontations you may have with your ex in the future.
Feeling Good - to help cope with the very likely inevitable depression you may feel as you get through this very rough time!
The Four Agreements - for a some hearty advice on how to keep your relationships and your own self as sane as you can be going forward.
A Short History of Nearly Everything - to distract you with fascinating science facts and to remind you that you are part of something bigger and more majestic than the pain you're going through today!

Good luck to you!
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Not a divorced/divorcing dad, but am still in the middle of a messy divorce myself. A book I found very helpful was From Abandonment to Healing. It's not as cheesy as it sounds.

Also, please feel free to MeMail me if you'd like - I have some other suggestions as well, but no time to write them right now.
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