Germany intern visas
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Can / how can a US American get a visa to work a specific paid internship in Germany?

I'm considering applying for an internship in Germany that says it welcomes non-EU nationals to apply if they can be granted a work permit prior to starting. My understanding of European immigration policies leads me to believe that there is almost no way to just get a generic work visa in most countries. I know that entities like BUNAC will arrange your legal situation if you land an internship in the UK or Ireland-- is there a similar broker for Germany? What would be the options here? Thanks!
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I would contact the internship's organizers and ask.
posted by mdonley at 3:51 AM on February 14, 2013

The relevant DAAD page gives some links that are probably helpful. Scroll all the way down for internships while not on a student visa. I'm not sure if you can contact DAAD, but if you can, giving you more information on how one gets a work permit is probably in their remit.
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