I need the Anne Sullivan of hair in NYC
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I'm looking for an excellent women's hair stylist in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Definition of excellent inside.

I just moved to New York. Brace yourselves: The NYC questions are coming.

I'm looking for a new hair stylist. Here are my special snowflake details:

1. I have fine, limp hair. No amount of product can help it. I need someone who can give me a good cut for that.
2. I have an underbite. Treatment is temporarily making it more pronounced. I need someone who is good at working with face shapes to give me something to minimize this feature.

Basically, I want someone who can come up with a flattering cut for me. Often times, a stylist will ask me what I want. All I know is I want to look good.

I'm willing to go anywhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn for someone really good. Okay with waiting a few weeks for an appointment. Don't want to spend more than $75 total. Thank you.
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I see a great stylist at Tommy Guns in Brooklyn, but she's more than $75. MeMail me if you'd like her name.
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My amazing stylist is at Scott J. Aveda on the Upper West Side, and the cut would probably be somewhere around that, give or take. MeMail me if you want their name.
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Try the Beehive in Williamsburg.
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Check your MeMail.
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Try this place called "Parlour" or "Parlor". Bonus- there's one in both Manhattan (East Village) and Brooklyn (Cobble Hill?). I just went for the first time- they ask a lot of questions to which I mostly said 'um, I don't know?' And 'can you just, um, fix this'. I also have fine limp hair and asked for a haircut that I could just basically walk out in the mornings with. It looks good, so try them out. (They also have like a hair school Mondays so if you are looking for cheap then that's an option too).(Not that $75 is cheap! I read your last sentence after I typed this but will keep it there anyway).
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I adore Maddie at medusa salon in park slope. She is pretty reasonable and has managed to control my bizarre combination hair.

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Once you find a place you want to try out, see if you can book through LifeBooker - you can book your appointment and select your stylist through the website and often save 25-75% off the full price. I was skeptical at first, but have had good results.
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