Help me accessorize this dress.
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I would like to wear this Betsey Johnson dress to the symphony this Saturday and ruffle some fuddy-duddy feathers, but I'm not sure how to accessorize it.

The dress is a little punk rock (unsure if it's clear in that picture, but it has zippers lined with hot pink piping), and I'm not sure if I should capitalize on that side of it or traditionalize it. My current jewelry options might not be the best, but I've uploaded them here in case you guys approve any of it. If I chose the last necklace I'd find some earrings to go with it, of course. Somehow I'm leaning toward the jade elephant and the green earrings, but I will of course defer to the sage advice of the MeFi Fashion Brigade.

I suppose my basic question is gold, silver, or pearls? I was thinking if I wanted to go the traditional route, pearls might be an option. I have some sort of Spidey sense telling me that gold doesn't go with black and pink.

I also have some huge pink plastic heart-shaped earrings somewhere, but I'm not sure what necklace I'd wear with those, if any.

I'd like for the jewelry to be available somewhere like Forever 21 or any other appropriate stores in Jacksonville, Florida.

Bonus question: what color eye makeup? I'm definitely going with crazy pink MAC lipstick. If it makes any difference, I have brown skin, dark brown eyes, and black hair.
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I'd go silver sparkly, so probably the last necklace and maybe some chandelier earrings. Or possibly just big rhinestoney chandelier earrings.

I'd keep the eye make-up relatively neutral if you're doing bright pink lips. With the pink in the dress and on your mouth, you don't want to look too clowny.
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I'd go with something black and lacey.
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I like the last necklace (you can layer the elephant with it too) and Forever 21 will definitely have earrings to match. Keep the earrings smaller though, otherwise they could overwhelm your face.
Gold shimmery eyeshadow or eyeliner would rock. Think Nicki Minaj.
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Yeah, I agree with ThatCanadianGirl- I don't think any of your current options are big enough to balance the skirt. I think that's why the model in the picture of the dress is wearing a big top-knot in her hair and those big hoop earrings. Otherwise it looks unbalanced. I would choose silver or pearls over gold, but I like silver to begin with.

Lucky for you, bib/collar necklaces are huge right now! You should be able to find a bunch of options at Forever 21 and other fast-fashion places for not much money. I would probably go with something like this geometric silver necklace or this silver and pearl option.

If you do a big necklace, I would not wear earrings. If you don't do a necklace, I would go for big sparkly earrings, like jaguar says.

Either way, I would do a pretty simple eye make-up too. I think you need ONE big thing with that dress- either big necklace, or big earrings, or big make-up. But not more than one or it gets to be too much.

Have fun, that's a beautiful dress!
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I agree with the advice to wear either big chandelier earrings or a statement necklace piece, but not both. If you'd rather do something else, here's two ideas:

1) You didn't mention how you wear your hair, but you might also consider putting a statement piece in your hair--rhinestones or feathers or a bit of pink or a fascinator--instead so long as it wasn't going to obscure the view of the people behind you.

2) Your statement piece could also be at your wrist. A chunky and/or sparkly bracelet, a wrapped scarf or a wrist corsage would work. Again, picking up the pink is an option.

Have fun!
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I don't know where you are, but you might find the symphony is not so populated with fuddy-duddies as you might think. Go with Snarl's suggestions, and have a great time!
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I like the third necklace, especially if it is really big, but with small sparkly stud earrings. Also, what's the temperature like, I think a black leather jacket would be cute with the sparkly. There are several cute ones at forever21.
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That dress is super fun! If ever there's a time to go a little over the top, it's when you're wearing Betsey, so I do not urge restraint. The pink lips should be perfect, maybe with a little eyeliner and tons of mascara.

For jewelry, if you wear something too small or delicate, it's likely to get sort of lost against the dress. The third necklace from your pics is the best bet, but I think a big statement necklace or large, chandelier earrings would suit the dress way better than a smaller, coordinated necklace and earrings. Layering necklaces is also an option to get the sam effect. I'd got with silver or crystal/rhinestones, probably, but a a big pile of faux pearls could be kind of daring and punky.

If your hair is long, definitely pull it up. I always think strapless dresses look best with a bare neck and shoulders. Have fun in your fabulous frock!
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I may be alone in this but I think the bust is so lovely - I wouldn't wear a necklace - just some over-sized sparkly earrings, maybe a bracelet or ten :)
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I also would skip the necklace and wear statement earrings. Also, keep the eyes neutral if you are going with bright pink lips.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all your advice, everyone! I think I'm going to go the big chandelier earrings or statement necklace route, probably in silver with rhinestones and/or pearls. Eyes will be neutral. I'll try and post some pictures of the final outfit.
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Response by poster: Ok AskMe, here's the final product! Including pictures of the up-do that took an Aveda Institute student two hours and caused me to miss my dinner reservation. For those fuddy-duddies and cool cats who take an interest in such things, the program included Augustin Hadelich playing Beethoven, and he played Paganini Caprice No. 24 as an encore. Simply marvelous. Thanks so much for your guidance, I had a lovely time!
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Oh, you're gorgeous! The lipstick and earrings are perfect with the dress, and the dress is perfect on you. Well done!
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Response by poster: Aw, thanks!
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Yep, you nailed it Devika!
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