These thumbs weren't made for typing
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Suggest a portable keyboard to use with my iPhone?

I have an iPhone 4S.
I'd like a portable keyboard to use with it, as I'm a bad thumb-typer.

Really, all I care about is that it's small & light and costs ~$100 max.
New-fangled features like vibrational or laser keys are cool too, if they work well.

Any suggestions?
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Apple Wireless Keyboard
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How small does it need to be? The Apple Wireless Keyboard is really not bad and in your price range, but maybe it's too big?
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The Apple Wireless Keyboard costs $69 and is fantastic. Light, full-sized so it's easy to type on but small enough to carry around, good batter life, very good typing feel, pairs effortlessly.

Can't recommend it highly enough.
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Here is an elegant sleeve that I bought for my wireless keyboard, to help it travel. Both the sleeve and keyboard together are within your budget.
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The Apple keyboard works great, especially the function keys.

Here's another keyboard case (to keep the gunk out, and to keep it from turning itself on while in your pack), but this one folds out into a stand for your device at the same time. Clever!
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Maybe a roll up? Or a one hander?

There's a lot of options out there. You should be a little more specific. Like, do you need a full sized keyboard or is one of those very tiny keyboards ok? What sort of thing do you plan to carry it around in? Is a weird keyboard layout ok?
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cam to nth the others. i dont use a single apple product other than the apple wireless keyboard. batteries last FOREVER, easy to put to sleep, and somehow so light and small and yet the keyboard and keys are totally full sized.
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I use this TeckNet keyboard with my iphone and Nexus 7 and love it. Cheap, lightweight, and batteries last forever.
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I've got the Targus version of the Apple Wireless keyboard. I use it with the iPad, but it would work just as well with a phone. It's been great, even has a 'home' button. Cheaper than the Apple one, good battery life too.
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