Want better info about Katrina
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Is there a blog collecting updates about the Katrina Disaster? Where are you getting your info? Not just news agency stories and pics, but first hand accounts.

An earlier post led me to that interview with the mayor of New Orleans.... is there a blog collecting stuff like that - real, first-hand information like this?
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I haven't found any perfect source, but Making Light has had some great info over the past few days.
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This LJ group is mainly comprised of the Interdictor blog, but there are accounts from others.
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CyberJournalist.net has a a list of bloggers who've been posting from/near/about New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.
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GulfSails is a guy posting from River Ridge. River Ridge is situated between NO and the airport in Kenner.
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Although you have to wade through a lot of BS, I have to give credit to Fark for having some of the best information during this whole thing. They have burned through about ten 1000+ post threads by now. There are a few people posting with first-hand account, and yesterday there were a bunch of people posting police scanner dialogue from the rescue operations.
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Brendan Loy is doing a pretty good job, too.
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WWL-TV has the best blog I've found. They update at least twice an hour as things happen.
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I've just posted an interview with a cameraman who was in New Orleans when Katrina hit. You can read it here.
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The New Orleans Times-Picayune has some good stuff including an emotional missing persons forum.
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