How do I administer some mammal love?
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I need sex advice! There's something I'd like to try but I'm not sure how to go about it.

I have very big breasts and a couple of times, while fooling around, my boyfriend has cupped them, squeezed them around his cock, and looked at me expectantly. While I am totally down with the tit fuck idea, I have no idea how to go about it; both times he's done this I've said, 'well, sure, but I don't know how to do that,' and he's said, 'uhm, actually, neither do I.' After which, blowjobs ensued, so I'm sure no one's complaining... but still.

So, how do I give my boyfriend a tit fuck? Surprisingly, I can't find any tutorials on the net about this. Is lube absolutely necessary? What positions are best? He's shy and gentle in bed, so while D/s scenarios would be OMGINCREDIBLE, they're fairly unlikely; I think I'm going to be taking the lead in this.
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These things tend to require more from the person with the penis than the person with the breasts.

The male, usually mounted above the female who's lying on her back, cups the breasts around his penis and engages in thrusting. Lubrication can help the experience. If his penis is long enough, the female has the option to lick the head of the penis at the apex of the thrusts.
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Push your breasts together with your hands. That's your whole job. The rest is what PurplePorpoise said.
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I actually think it works good like this:

The man sits on, say, the edge of the bed. Lube would be used. The woman, like you said, sort of cups the penis in there, and rocks back and forth. Thrusting can be added if (when?) needed.

If not like this, then I think, the man on his back, the woman above. The man would do most of the movement. Lube might not be required for that. Woman on top seems easier to me, since the breasts hang down, wheras when the woman is on bottom, they tend to flatten out a bit.

A lot of this depends on your, ahem, anatomy. With some women, it's not easy to get complete encapsulation. This can still work great but it takes some more experimentation.

Thanks for taking the lead in this... I am sort of shy and gentle myself. It's something I like, but not something I'd ask for a lot, so I appreciate it when my wife takes the lead in such things.
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In case it wasn't clear in the first scenario above, the woman is sitting on her knees on the floor or a pillow or what have you.
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And I just noticed the "very big breasts part". How very non-male of me. The first place that I *saw* this done in a way that appealed to me, and worked for me, was
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Referred to in the UK as a 'soapy tit-wank'. There's a clue right there, I believe, in as much as it is best accomplished while sharing a bath, sat face-to-face, legs entwined.
(Oh, I miss Big Claire).
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It can be tiring for the one with the penis to kneel over and thrust between the breasts, but enjoyable. If you have sensistive breasts, and enjoy lots of attention to them during sex, this is a fun thing to do. Holding the breasts together to trap the penis leaves your fingers free to play with your nipples. And yes, you can certainly orally address the penis between thrusts.

If you enjoy a having a flavour of D/s, this position is a real turn-on. It does feel nicely domineering when the woman is lying on her back and her breasts are being used in such a manner.

We have done it with the man on top, but haven't reached a climax this way for him, so I haven't had to duck semen.
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I second Rustybrooks' idea of watching some porn to get an understanding of it. You might not like it, but it won't hurt you.
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I can't believe I'm answering this.

These things tend to require more from the person with the penis than the person with the breasts.

I totally disagree with this.

As a large-breasted female, having tried this in a number of different positions, I say that female on top (so gravity helps you ... uh ... envelop him) works best. My personal experience is that if you do it with him on top you can't move well and he gets tired easily ... its kind of an odd position for him to try and hold, especially if he's not able to support his weight with his hands.

Try it with him laying on his back on the bed and you standing/leaning down over him. Be sure that the penis is pressed against your breastbone then envelop him as you've already done. You can support your weight on your hands while he uses his hands to keep everything in place. Lubrication (saliva or other) can sometimes make things go smoother, but I've never found it necessary ... a bit of persperation is usually enough. Then move your torso kind of up and down ... in a movement rather like you're repeatedly arching your back. (You'll sort this out, I'm sure.) If he's using his hands on you already, let him lead you in regard to pace and timing.

Have fun.
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Thank you anastasiav - I have not had the privilege of having a tit fuck performed on my behalf by someone who was both endowed and either cardiovascularly willing and/or capable to perform the maneouver that you detailed. Bravo!

If the submitter is still following this thread; your breasts can also be called into called into play as an auxilliary to hand and/or oral stimulation of the penis esp. person w/ penis sitting on edge of bed (or whatever) and person with breasts on knees.

In some cases, juxtaposing the erect and up-pointing penis above the vagina and against the stomache with the tesicles pressed against the vagina - along with digital manipulation - can provide the illusion that the penis is much larger and penetrates much further than it actually does during intercourse. This can subsequently induce some males to respond in a positive emotional manner.
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either cardiovascularly willing and/or capable

Too bad. Its not that hard. Just stand with your feet on the ground and your hands on the bed and move back and forth.
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*For any of my realtime friends, you might want to skip this response--no really. you'll be glad you did.*

I was about to post and decided I would actually ask my boyfriend what he prefers, as this is a move that is utilized often and in a lot of different ways during our lovemaking. I was pretty sure we agreed on the hows and whys, and come to find out--we do.

If you are using it as a teasing move or an early stage move, the him on his back, you above him, him cupping your breasts over his penis is a crowd pleaser. I like to use this as part as my hand/blowjob combo, as my arms get a bit sore if I stay in this position for too long.

If you're looking for the finisher or, at the very least, a late stage move there are two that I find to be effective. You on your knees (put a pillow down, you'll be glad you did), him sitting on the bed, but laying back on it (his legs over the edge, but back flat on the bed or propped on his elbows, but not sitting straight up), you and him both sliding your breasts on his shaft. The tactile sensation of him cupping you while your fingers interplay adds that nice little touch that lets him know you're enjoying yourself. It's also handy because you can squeeze your own nipples, or show him exactly how you want them squeezed. It's also useful because it gives a little more pressure and friction to the event.

The other is you laying on your back, his penis resting on your breastbone and you holding everything in place. This is the one that seems to be the most "effective". It's important for him to have a wall to brace himself against, and thrust against. It gives a slight curve to the thrust that also keeps your face out of the way of his torso. Since he's doing the thrusting, he has more control of the orgasm and him pressing down on you keeps his penis more enveloped, if you will.

Now, as for the lubrication question, I am of the feeling that at least saliva is required. I have a fairly sensitive breastbone so the dry hump is on the painful side after just a few seconds. I also don't perspire a lot, so this might have something to do with it. Unless it's a really slutty night, I also don't much care for the lube. Just lick your hand, grab his penis, and put it between your breasts. This is about the perfect amount of slide.

For the record: my boyfriend is also very shy and he's blushing just about as hard as he can at the thought that this is going on the internet.
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