Professional certificate in Project Management or Green Belt in 6 Sigma
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Professional certificate in Project Management or Green Belt in 6 Sigma, which one is better for the resume or the career in general?

Hi, my SO is being given the option through her work to either get a professional certificate in Project Management or a Green Belt in Six Sigma. Does anyone have experience with these and know which is worth more on a resume or for a career in general? She currently works for a large international bank and wants to advance her career so her boss gave her the option of these two. He did mention that it would be easier to sign off on the Six Sigma course and that it also was a good networking opportunity if that makes a difference.

The professional certificate in Project Management would be from a university but is obviously not a degree.

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What professional certificate for project management is she looking at? If it is a CAPM, I would put it at the same level in effort as a Green Belt in Six Sigma. If it is a PMP, I would put it at the same level in effort as a Black Belt in Six Sigma. I'm not sure any other professional management certification is worth her time. Otherwise, I'm not sufficiently familiar with the banking industry to suggest CAPM/PMP versus Six Sigma.

If no one else answers, feel free to memail me for my opinion; I just consider it too unqualified to post.
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The PMP will be more portable from what I've seen. Six Sigma gets some eyerolls by people who subscribe to other process management methodologies -- or don't subscribe to any one.
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Six Sigma belts generally don't carry much weight outside of the company you got them in, so if she's considering a company change at any time, she should be aware that a Green Belt is going to be a big fat nothing on her resume anywhere else.
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Response by poster: Thanks! I'll run these by her. She didn't mention whether the PM Certificate would be for a CAPM or a PMP.
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It's hard to answer this kind of question without knowing what your SO does and what her goals are. Personally, I've found employees who pursue these kinds of certificates to not be very impressive but perhaps there are roles for which they are suited.

What are your SO's career goals, and how does he or she see these certificates as enabling him/her to achieve them?
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PMP is the best most portable certification. It's also screamingly expensive. Since your SO's bank is willing to pay, I'd go with that one!

I see PMP in job ads way more than I see Six Sigma.
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I have both and agree with most- the PMP was much harder to test for and far fewer in my organization have it. Lots of people have the Green Belt for Six Sigma.
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Response by poster: Again, thanks everyone for the great responses! This has certainly helped a ton.
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i am (at least nominally) a project manager. Headhunters are all over me even though I'm not looking for work. I have a number of Green Belt friends for which this is not true. This may differ between profressions, but I am in pharma, medical device and biologics. I'm also a consultant who can't remember the last time I wasn't working.
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I don't have much experience with the PMP world.

It's not really true that Six Sigma has *no* standard of qualification -- The American Society for Quality (ASQ) has certifications that you can get in this. I have the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt credential, and I've used it at three different Federal jobs. Yes, it's the government, but I've been surprised at how useful having the basic credential can be.
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