Simple wiki code?
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I'm interested in creating a simple Wiki for family members affected by Hurricane Katrina.

I have my own site but my HTML is a little rusty and it has been frustrating trying to find ready-made code via Google. I'd just like an easy page to set up for my girlfriend's family, who have almost all left N.O.
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Best answer: MediaWiki is fast to set up if you have a MySQL db and PHP. I was able to get an instance set up and running within 10 minutes of downloading it. email & AIM is in the profile if you want help setting it up.
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After much searching around I ended up going with UseMod for my first wiki because I was familiar with Perl.

But eventually I saw the light. Devilsbrigade is right on. Mediawiki took just a few minutes to intall and is amazingly adaptable plus has great support.
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How about TiddlyWiki?
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Response by poster: devilbrigade is great but I am having some PHP issues as well as connection problems with my Mac. I can upload no problem but the thing is relucatant to connect with my server. Any ideas?
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Response by poster: can I connect directly through Terminal to a remote server? I am a code doofus.
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Instiki is very nice and easy to set up, provided you have your own server.
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Response by poster: OK, so I've found out how to connect but apparently my account is not set up for PHP, or for telnet, which I have never yet needed. I've emailed dreamhost to get it changed at least temporarily. I'm sure they'll help out tomorrow, but most likely everyone's gone now. So I may take the opportunity to get some rest myself. Thanks everybody and all advice is appreciated.
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there are already several wikis and websites about this. perhaps you could contribute in some way to an existing one? it's easier for people to get the information they're looking for if there are fewer places they have to look.
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Response by poster: I hate to moderate my own post, but, Clara, it's not as if I'm really looking to help out the programming community. I am just trying to provide a way to keep track of a lot of displaced people.
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Qwikiwiki is the simplest and easiest wiki I've ever set up. No database, a full web-based install script and no config file editing. Recommended.
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This is even simplier: Tiddlywiki is a single file you don't have to install anĂ­thing, it works with javascript, css and html.
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Response by poster: I'm sure the other suggestions are great but I already started the MediaWiki installation and it's not quite working: it doesn't recognize the database seriver. I am not entirely sure where to send it. Can anyone help me with this?
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Response by poster: Here I am as the moderator again. I have actually gotten MediaWiki to work, through sheer luck. Thanks all! Please feel free to add information for others that might find it useful.
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I set up a PB Wiki in 2 minutes for free, with no wiki experience at all. You can password your wiki, so just your family can get in.
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goddam that tiddlywiki rocks.
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Response by poster: Everybody gets an unofficial "best answer", thanks.
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glad you got things working, lackutrol. For the record, as amazing as tiddlywiki is, I don't think it would be suitable for this sort of application; it's a single-user wiki and not designed for collaboration. But yes, she rocks.
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