Interesting blogs about weird technology?
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I'm looking for blogs that cover old and/or niche technology, in the vein of Something Awful's "Obsolete technology" thread or JWZ' "retrocomputing" tag. Suggestions?
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If you're interested in technical details, The Old New Thing is full of strange Windows history. And Macintosh Folklore is a site for Mac history, with more of a focus on personal relationships.

There's also Vintage Computing, but it's much less in depth. I tried googling "retrocomputing", and there's even a tag on Google+!
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Retronaut might have what you are looking for.
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Reddit, also.
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Ptak Science Books
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You would probably enjoy Low Tech Magazine's obsolete technology category. This was the post that made me fall in love with them.
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Response by poster: Thank you, these are all fantastic!
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