Help me sort out my messy digital media/device issues
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Should I get a new iTouch? Or ditch iTunes and start fresh with something else? Get an Android tablet? New phone? Plus a new OS for my laptop? Feeling overwhelmed!

My digital media life is falling apart, and I have a unique opportunity to clean it up all at once - but how?

ITunes just "lost" my entire library and playlists (all files are still present and backed up). I tried to follow online instructions to import an old library backup, it didn't seem to work, and frankly I'm fed up with iTunes anyway, mainly because of lack of accessibility across devices and the fact that it seemed to keep "losing" my music.

Not to mention my iPod Touch 2nd gen just completely died on me - won't start up, restore, charge, or be recognized by iTunes or the computer.

Plus my Dell Inspiron m101z laptop (just over 2 years old) has appeared to kick the bucket, though I think I just need the OS restored/redone. I'm not a big tech person so I'm going to check with my tech savvy neighbor or just bring it to a local repair shop to see if that's the case. (Could this be what caused the iTunes crap-out?)

Finally, I have a Nokia "Nuron" phone on Tmobile - a "barely-smart" phone that lets me very roughly browse the internet (mainly metafilter thanks to the simple design!) check email, facebook, and use a built-in GPS that's decent and a crappy 2MP camera. I'm torn as to whether to upgrade or not. The music player is frustrating to work with, which is of high importance to me, and now that I don't have my iTouch I'm feeling kind of panicky about surviving my commute.

I'm a really budget (and consumerism)-conscious person so I want to keep things affordable and avoid the "latest techno-gadget" black hole. I usually prefer to let things die before I replace them, but I like to buy quality in the hopes that it actually will last.

I'm leaning toward replacing the iTouch or getting an equivalent Android tablet thingy, and leaving the phone and laptop as is for now (aside from fixing the laptop). But.... I was researching TMo's smart phone selection and thinking about the ">HTC S One (my husband has the Samsung Galaxy SIII which is too big for my liking). When he bought his new phone we switched to a "value plan" so we would have to pay for the phones ourselves as opposed to "free upgrades" (when we did the math it was worth it). If I went with a new phone I definitely would not get a new iDevice. I'm also interested in having a good camera in whatever new device I get.

As for the music, I'd love to start a fresh library. I've heard good things about Media Monkey and I used to use Winamp), or do you think I should give iTunes another try? I almost never buy from them, usually just from Amazon or eMusic.

For the record I've started a habit of backing up all my important files (music, pictures, documents, and downloads) on a physical hard drive so nothing was "lost" on my laptop. But I'm trying to decide if digital backup makes more sense....

I know this is kind of all over the place, so I expect the answers to be the same. Any input is appreciated.
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Get the Nexus 4! It's an amazing price for the specs (keep in mind that the $300/350 is not a subsidized price). The screen is large enough to do some casual web browsing and watch videos. It has a good camera. The big question is how much music storage you need as the larger model is 16 GB and not expandable.
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If you're sick of apple, get an android phone and use google music to back up your itunes library to the cloud (it's pretty easy to do).

My GF has the HTC One from Virgin and she really likes it -- it's inexpensive and works pretty well. If you're budget concious, you might want to consider buying it with no subsidy and signing up for virgin mobile (or something similar) -- prepaid definitely saves you money in the long run.
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You may want to look at the prepaid Android offerings at Ting, since you won't have to pay for a large data plan if you're not planning on using it.
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2nding the galaxy note 2 thru them last month and LOVE it! It was pricy, sure, but I got $25 off thru a referral...memail me if u want one, good on almost all their phones...if youre mostly on wifi for data anyway, their plans can be stupid cheap...I paid 23 last contracts and pay only for what u actually use...they're also the only U.S. carrier with free tethering/hotspot...
Transferring yr music to android is super easy, just dump it in the music folder...
I do a lot of drawing so I love me some s-pen apps and the big screen is awesome and makes typing a breeze...
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Engadget review of the note 2 here
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