Portuguese translator for Palm OS
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The kid's babysitter is a foreign exchange student from the US to Brazil this year and needs a English < -> Portuguese translator for the Palm OS.

I have an old Handspring Visor with an earlier Palm OS on it and have downloaded a couple of translators to it. One needs Palm OS 3.5 or higher to run and the other (that I paid for from palm-dictionaries.com) eventually wanted registered and no one from the company seems to know how to do that on the older Palm version.

Anyone know of any good English/Portuguese translators that would work with the old Palm OS? Sorry, I dont know the exact version that shipped on the Handspring.
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I used to use Beiks on a Handspring. However, not sure if they still carry the old version or not.
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My wife is Brazilian; the English-Portuguese and Portuguese-English modules of PocketDict have helped me get by, word by word. Along with the internet, books, and immersion of course...

Not sure how old of a Palm OS this software will actually run on, though.
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