I need a Print Portfolio!
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I need a portfolio to carry 12x16" artwork on paper. All the portfolios I see are cheap looking and cheap or great looking and expensive. I'm looking for cheaper portfolios that have the look of a more expensive portfolio.

I'm willing to buy the expensive portfolio if that's the only way to get the look. I need something that will protect my artwork while in transit, allow me to easily show the work off when I get there (no binders), have a carrying handle, and the internal dimensions of the case have to be at least 12x16".
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If the carrying handle is a deal breaker then this option will not work for you. But would a fully custom clamshell box work for you?

Assuming your portfolio was to hold a stack of work about one inch thick I can talk to you about a options somewhere in the $75-80 range.

MiFi mail me if you want details.
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12x16" is not that big. Have you considered just buying a cheap aluminum briefcase that is designed for papers and/or a laptop? It would get you the hard formal look of the expensive portfolio you like.
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Or go vintage?
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