How do I remove white stains from driver side car window and mirror?
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How do I remove white stains from driver side car window and mirror?

I bought a used 2010 Toyota Camry and failed to notice a slight whitish discoloration on the driver side window and side view mirror. In the wrong light, it makes seeing out the side mirror difficult. I have tried Windex, vinegar, and Goo Gone without any luck. I even tried soaking newspaper in vinegar and pasting it on the windows for half a day, as recommended here.

The previous owner of the car lived in Florida and I've read that sprinkler systems and other water sources can leave behind water stains or mineral deposits on windows. Because the stains are on the side view mirror and the driver window, I assume the stains are on the outside.

What product(s) or methods can I use to remove these stains or mineral deposits?

(I've seen this question and mine does not seem to be from outgassing or the heater core.)
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How about a cleaning solution intended for removing mineral deposits? CLR, LimeAway, etc...
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You might try this stuff, or this stuff.
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You need glass polish. The griot's linked before should work. I have had great success with 1Z glass polish.
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Thanks, Thorzdad. Griot's Garage Glass Polish cleared up my mirror and window.
posted by Frank Grimes at 7:41 PM on February 24, 2013

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