Best comic book blogs?
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What are some of the better comic book blogs, with reviews, retrospectives, analysis, etc.

I read Colin Smith's Too Busy but that's the only one, outside of the usual columns on CBR etc. Any other comic book blogs MeFites can recommend? I'm looking for thoughtful analysis and deconstruction of what works and doesn't and why, what's good and what isn't, and, sure, a good helping of snark.
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I don't read comics anymore, but I do read comics blogs. Too Busy is the best one, but I also read:

Chris Sims

Mindless Ones

MeFi's Own: Mightygodking
Me Fi's Own Dave Ex Machina
Progressive Ruin
Comics Oughta Be Fun!
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I'll also mention the House to Astonish podcast. The recording quality is good, they have a good format, and they only broadcast every other week so they keep it fairly focused.
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I quite like David Brothers (The second link goes to a group blog where he writes more generally).

Eddie Campbell's blog is a delight, though he doesn't post much these days. Still worth digging around, though.

The Comics Journal is probably included in your etc., but deserves a mention (I like Sean T. Collins', Tucker Stone's, & Joe McCullough's stuff. The last two also produce the Comic Books Are Burning In Hell podcast, which can be iffy, sound quality and Christ-Jog-Can-You-Let-Other-People-Talk-Sometimes-wise, but I still like it, mostly.)

The Comics Reporter works quite well as a sort of MetaFilter of The Comics Blogs, as well as producing some good stuff in its own right, most notably Spurgeon's interviews.
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I enjoy reading my friend's long-running comic review blog 13 Minutes; he reviews mainstream as well as small press/mini-comics.
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