Finding a lost finding (Jewelry)
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I'm seeking a specific silver hook and eye clasp for a fisherman bracelet I lost. The hook piece has a swordfish embossed on it. I have looked high and low on the big jewelry, jewelry and beading supply sites and etsy but no luck. Picture of clasp Immense sentimental value! I've seen Ask MeFi work some crazy magic in the past, I'd be eternally grateful for your help!
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I would ask someone on etsy to make it for me.
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The image is not opening for me. "Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data." But I would love to see the clasp as I have many many different styles of clasps in my supplies.
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For your search term pleasure, I'm pretty sure that's a marlin. Also, another useful term might be "end cap."
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Ah, got it now.
Yep, it's a fairly simple piece of silver work. Get one made on etsy.
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It's hard to tell from the photo, but the hook part looks handmade, while the eye clasp looks machine made. And I think you mean stamped and not embossed. From the picture, it looks like it's recessed which would be a stamping. Making the hook part will be easy (find someone on Etsy) but the hardest part is going to be the swordfish stamping. You might be able to find a jewelry stamp on the myriad of sites out there. The eye clasp looks pretty generic so it's probably just a matter of finding one online.
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