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So my partner and I have ~ 3 days in puerto rico and want to make the most of it! Help us plan it - we'll be visiting the first few days of march and would love some advice on places to stay & sights to see.

We're flying in to San Juan Thursday evening and leaving from there on Monday. Do you have any budget accommodation suggestions for San Juan/Vieques/Fajardo? And what should we make sure to see at these places, or is there anything thats not on our rough itinerary (below) that we don't want to miss? Thanks for the help!

Our current Itinerary thoughts are:
Spend Friday exploring San Juan, then travel to Fajardo that evening and stay there.

Grab a ferry out to Vieques Saturday and explore the island/beaches and do the bio-luminescent bays there that evening and stay on the island.

Sunday go back to the main island explore El Yunuque a bit before going back to San Juan and staying there that evening.

Does this sound like a reasonable rough plan? What should we not miss at these places? Do you have any budget accommodation suggestions? We're twenty-something students so we would be happy to do hostels with a private room if you have suggestions for those or cheap hotels.
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We actually spent a week in PR recently and rented an apartment. It was awesome because it was right on the beach and we could do our own cooking.

Give yourself a day for OSJ.

If you're going to rent a car to drive to el yunque, book it at least a week in advance, same goes for the bioluminescent bays. We actually were unable to make it out there due to not booking in advance!
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Where are you from McSwaggers? What kinds of things are you particularly interested in?

If you go to El Yunque, go early, as soon as it opens. Well generally for main tourist attractions this time of year I guess. [I've gone the past several years in either February or March. Excellent time to get away from the northeast US) [Also 2 tips: 1. you only need to pay if you are going to park at the main visitors center, you can continue on the road past it... though not a bad thing to give them some money to maintain such a cool and popular place... and they have good info there and picnic places. 2. my GPS took me on a little residential side road (955)... you can stay on PR 3 until you get to the main road to the park (191).]

Last time I was there I visited some caves which was cool; one with http://aventuras.pr, then a few *much* less technical easy to explore ones on my own with my 3 yr old, thought not the biggest most famous and most popular one though. I can try to get info about them if you want.

Sounds like a lot of driving. There will be traffic around San Juan, though maybe not as much on Sunday.
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Even though it sounds like Fajardo is more of a stopover than a place you plan to hang out, consider stopping the drive from San Juan ~15 minutes earlier and staying in Luquillo, which is more pleasant. The kiosks are a fun place to get something to eat on your way in/out, and there's a reasonably pretty beach.
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I just read this article, it is what I would do. I have been to San Juan three times.
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