Where can I sell my watch online and/or in Sydney or Melbourne?
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I have inherited a watch that was purchased a few years ago for about $2000. It has rarely been worn and I think it has all of the box/paperwork with it (from what I can see from similar watches online), including the purchase receipt. My question is where/how can I sell it? Either by listing it online, but there seems to be so many websites, or in person via a second hand dealer or similar? I've seen lots of watch websites, but are some better than others? Especially considering I don't have a profile or history on such sites. Thanks
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Best answer: The Buy/Sell/Trade section of Watchuseek is pretty good for selling your watch, though you need to assess its market price first. Try peeking at completed eBay auctions for a general idea of how much to get for it; it might have gone plus or minus from your original purchase price. (If you're more patient, you can ask around on WUS too.)
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