Name that film! Post-apocalyptic 80s Sydney
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I am seeking the name of a film, set in post-apocalyptic Sydney (Australia). I could have sworn it had Cassandra Harris in it, but IMDB disagrees. It was filmed and was set in in the early- to mid-80s, and had a bunch of people running around trying to escape the nuclear fallout that hit the Opera House and ended up in the northern beaches. The film wasn't necessarily good, but it resonated. Can you name the film? Thanks!
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One Night Stand?
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Long shot: the 2000 remake of On the Beach?
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Another vote for One Night Stand. While the Sydney Opera House shows up in plenty of apocalyptic movies, this is the only one I can think of that is set inside rather than being a quick throwaway shot of something famous blowing up.
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Totally One Night Stand.
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On The Beach is mostly set around Melbourne & the remake was set much later than One Night Stand, which immediately came to my mind on reading the question.
They started off underground & ended up at the Opera House? Gah, it's a long time since I saw it.
It was contemporary around the same time as Threads and When The Wind Blows, when we all thought Reagan & The Ruskies were going to nuke us all.
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Did it involve a mediocre punk band and a climax on a boat at Sydney Harbour? Because I saw a film like that, but I can't remember the name.
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Totally One Night Stand - thanks all! I'll mark best answers once I'm on a windows machine (not my android Java-hating phone). I can't wait to see it, to see who I thought was Cassandra Harris.
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