Hit in the chin = concussion? And what about my teeth?
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I just got hit really hard in the chin, directed straight up. I have a mild headache in the front top of my head. I've had concussions before so I have a good idea of what to watch for, but is it even something to worry about with this kind of injury? And...what to do about the teeth?

My teeth hit each other pretty hard as my mouth was open at the time, but none of them are broken or chipped. The front teeth do feel a little "off" but they're not in pain. Is there anything I need to watch out for or get emergency dental care for here?

Getting around is quite difficult and nothing is open today, or I'd just go find a smart professional to worry at. Due to the snowstorm, I turn to you.
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Are any of the teeth loose? If so, eat soft foods until you can get to a dentist. See guidelines for tooth emergencies from this dentist. This is one of those times that you should probably see a dentist, just in case, even if you're fairly sure nothing's wrong, because it's possible that an injury to the root of the tooth is not visible. It is almost certainly okay to wait until Monday to see someone, though.
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Yes, don't worry … but please watch yourself for concussion.

Quad skaters are encouraged to wear double mouth guards for the very purpose of preventing concussions from chin blows. Take care!
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You can totally get a concussion that way - any blow to the head can cause one, and the chin is sometimes referred to as "the knockout button" in boxing, because a direct punch there can, well, knock you out.
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Do you have someone you can stay with or a neighbor who can check in on you from time to time? As you probably know, head injuries can seem fine and then become fatal hours or days later. Even someone calling you every two hours (throughout the night as well) would be better than nothing, although being with someone in person is the best idea.

Going to a doctor, urgent clinic or ER or contacting emergency services is something you should do if at all possible. They will prioritize you according to all of the storm needs, so there is no need to feel like you're getting in the way. Let the professionals take care of you.
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I am with other people so I definitely have help and someone watching me. Thanks for the concern and the information. I had no idea about this particular route to head injury! I don't think my teeth are loose, but one is definitely starting to hurt so I will go to an emergency dental clinic today. If I start showing more signs of concussion (my headache is almost gone now) I will definitely seek further care.
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(Another side-effect of head injury is definitely writing "definitely" a lot!)
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IANYMom, but don't watch TV or play video games if you suspect you may have a concussion.
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What's the reasoning behind that, Breav? Resting the brain?
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This happened to me a few times when playing roller derby. I never got a full-blown concussion but I had that weird "teeth feeling off" thing happening and it turned out my jaw was misaligned. Sometimes it drifted back into place after a few days, but other times I went to my acupuncturist (who also specializes in body alignment and worked with derby girls a lot for our various aches and pains), and he was able to gently guide it back into place by fatiguing the jaw muscles with some electrostimulation. If you don't feel back to normal within 3 or 4 days, I'd recommend seeing someone who can help re-set your jaw.
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