iOS App to Associate Voice recording With a Photo?
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Looking for an iOS app to associate a still photo with an audio file. Video isn't the answer.

I am a photographer who will be shooting some spur of the moment candid portraits, and will conduct a very brief interview with each subject.

I'll be shooting the real photos on a real camera, but I'd love an app that would let me shoot an iPhone shot (purely for reference) and immediately record and associate a small audio file of the interview with the image.

I want to do this because I expect to shoot a ton of subjects and am looking for a relatively painless way to match the interviews with the individual in the still photo.

A paid app would be no problem.

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If the voice recordings are MP3s, you can add an image to the metadata/ID3 tags, the same way album covers are "embedded" in MP3s. Not sure about an iOS app for it, though!
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Oh, hm. Not having an iPhone, I can't check, but you may be able to do what you want to do in iTunes on your phone. You could do it on regular iTunes on a Mac—if I wanted to associate an image with an MP3 in iTunes, I would add the MP3 to iTunes, then choose Get Info for that file in iTunes, then go to the Artwork tab and add or change the image. Can you do something similar in iTunes on your phone?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses. What I'm really looking for is a quick, nearly instant solution to use in the field.
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